Steve Pierson
Owner / Head Outlaw

Steve took the reins at Outlaw Sound in 2008 as the Chief Engineer and Studio Manager.  He has over 18 years of experience as a sound engineer and mixer working in all formats from promo to theatrical and everything in between.  He started his career in the music business and continues to work as a composer for film and TV.

Justin Lebens

Justin is an Emmy winning engineer who has worked as a freelancer for Outlaw Sound for the past 2 years. He was raised by a Dothraki hoard and escaped their clutches to pursue a career in the entertainment business. He now lives with his wife and child in El Centro.

Booking Manager

Valerie leads a dynamic and unusual life in Los Angeles - but she's also an intensely private person. You can always try asking her, and maybe fortune favors the bold... Either way she'll make you a damn fine cup of coffee at our front desk

Mike Sandoval

Mike grew up in West Covina, CA and attended the Art Institute of Los Angeles. Music production and post-production sound are his lifelong passions when he's not busy hunting Demogorgon in the upside down.

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